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Alternative Options for Supporting Children

WHAT WE NEED to complete the cri

Get children out of homes and into families

  1. Funding and/or supply of logistics and their maintenance to DSW
  2. Funding for the recruitment of additional social workers and ICT officers
  3. Funding of operating expenses for DSW
  4. Funding for training of child-care workers and foster parents
  5. Education and information campaign for stakeholders, professionals and the general public

If You Want to Help Ghanaian Children in the Best Possible Way:Smiling boy

  • Consider becoming a foster parent or supporting professional foster care organizations.
    When an adoptive family cannot be found, temporary care with foster families can still provide a good home for children
  • Help prevent the disintegration of families through strategies that strengthen families such as the social grant programme (LEAP), education scholarships, food packages, access to medical care and other support programmes
  • Support reintegration in cases where children are separated from their family, find loving relatives who are able to create a caring and stable environment for the child
  • When the possibility of a family reunion is exhausted, please help find the child a loving adoptive home through the Department of Social Welfare, preferably with a Ghanaian family

If You Already Have an Orphanage:

  • Put a greater emphasis on early reunification with families
  • Change to a model where care staff are living with small groups of children in the available housing in the children’s home compound
  • Develop ‘family style’ groups housed in local community
  • Become part of a comprehensive localized short-term foster care system or develop your own
  • Encourage adoption through the Department of Social Welfare for children who cannot be resettled and need permanent care
  • Ensure that volunteers are non-invasive in the home
  • Families must be allowed to visit the children