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Legal Status and Obligations

The Department of Social Welfare is the Government Statutory Agency that has the mandate to regulate the operations of children’s homes in Ghana
(vide Part VI, of Sub- Part I, Section 105 – 114 of the Children’s Act.)

The statutory obligations of DSW include the following:
  1. The promotion and protection of the rights of children
  2. Justice and administration of child related issues
  3. Community care (for disabled and needy adults)
  4. Budget, Planning and Monitoring Unit

Organisational Structure

DSW is headed by a Director who is supported in his/her administrative duties by four (4) Deputy Directors, each of whom is responsible for the administration of one of the following four units of DSW:

  1. Budget, Planning & Monitoring Unit
  2. Child Rights Promotion & Protection Unit
  3. Justice & Administration Unit
  4. Community Care Unit

The Director, Deputy Directors, Officers (Social workers) and secretariat staff constitutes the head office team. A Regional Director heads each of the ten regions, whilst District officers and relevant supporting staff are responsible for the Districts.

A recent report commissioned by the Ministry recommended adding a Family Unit, whose mandate for re-enforcing the capacity of families would coincide with may of the objectives of the present program.

Supervision of Children’s Homes

In the specific case of children’s homes, DSW is mandated to regulate the operations of these institutions through the enforcement of the guidelines for the registration and operation of these establishments.  

In connection with the above, DSW is required to undertake sustained monitoring of the activities of children’s homes, in order to safeguard the interest and wellbeing of the children involved.